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Don Leo Coffee

Don Jose Leonides Santacruz, known to everyone as Don Leo, shared almost 60 years of marital bliss with his beloved wife, Doña Marina Isabel, until his eventual passing.

The enduring legacy of Don Leo persists through the remarkable journey of raising 12 children alongside Doña Marina—10 boys and 2 girls—an extraordinary accomplishment, especially amidst the challenging backdrop of the 1980s civil war in El Salvador.

Originating and nurtured in the rural landscapes of southern El Salvador, Don Leo imbibed the ethos of laboring harmoniously with the land from a young age. His tenure in the Salvadoran military further instilled discipline, complementing his innate resolute demeanor.

Don Leo was renowned for his taciturn disposition, firmly anchored in unwavering familial principles. His hallmark virtue was simplicity, a quality he earnestly exemplified.

Above all, he imparted unto his children the values of profound respect, unwavering affection, and unwavering support among siblings.

This robust foundation of familial solidarity served as a vital crutch during the tumultuous war years, enduringly extending its reach across two successive generations, fortifying family bonds to an unprecedented degree.

The essence of the man himself is encapsulated in Don Leo coffee—a brew characterized by robust body and unpretentious, mellifluous notes.

Free from bitterness, its nearly mellifluous undertones linger as a testament to the fertile volcanic highlands where it thrives. A flavor so distinctive, it leaves an indelible mark.

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