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Carasau Restaurant

Vincenzo Porcu, a namesake of his grandfather, who had once presided over two renowned restaurants nestled in the heart of Sardinia. Hailing from Sinnai, a quaint hamlet nestled amidst the rugged mountains of Cagliari, his journey in the culinary world commenced at the tender age of fourteen.

The notion of voyaging to America first took root within him at the age of twenty-two. Since then, he had traversed the Atlantic countless times, finding himself drawn repeatedly to the bustling streets of New York. However, it was the sun-kissed allure of Los Angeles that ultimately captivated him. In 2005, amidst a leisurely vacation in the City of Angels, Vincenzo found himself enraptured, realizing that this vibrant metropolis held the promise of a new beginning.

Falling in love with the sprawling expanse of Los Angeles, he found echoes of his beloved Sardinia within its sun-drenched landscapes. Following a series of enriching work experiences, including stints with the illustrious Drago family, a Sicilian culinary dynasty boasting an array of establishments across the city, Vincenzo resolved to carve his own path. Thus, he embarked on the endeavor of opening Carasau Sardinian Restaurant, nestled amidst the bustling enclave of Culver City.

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