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Personal Branding

Personal Branding in 2023 is essential. No questions.

But why?

Let's discuss and understand the main reasons why building a solid online presence today is more important than ever in history.

First of all, let's define what a personal brand is—it's your identity.

This concept is not new; it has remained consistent over the years. The only difference today is that we spend most of our time online, making it necessary for your image to be out there.

Professionals and entrepreneurs use their brands as deliberate marketing tools, ensuring their message is authentic.

I firmly believe in the importance of personal branding, not only for marketing essentials, but also for philosophical reasons. Elevating your business or freelance job is impossible without showcasing who you truly are and the value you can offer.

As the founder of a digital agency and a freelance marketer, I'm building my online credibility through various channels, including this blog, to provide value to an audience that could potentially become customers of my products or services.

Personal branding is something everyone should start as soon as possible in 2023, especially considering the number of people already established on big platforms like YouTube or Instagram, doing what they love.

Consider Joe Rogan and his global podcast where he discusses his interests with the most intriguing people in the world.

Or observe how many young adults have left their traditional jobs to start their own podcasts or YouTube channels, discussing their passions and generating leads for current or future products and services.

All these aspects were at the fringes just a decade ago. You might have been among those who believed that only super-extroverts could pick up a camera or microphone and engage with an audience.

Today, this is a reality for everyone.

We've finally realized the potential of social media and content creation. Regardless of your skills, whether it's video content on IG Reels or dancing on TikTok, you have the potential to communicate with hundreds of thousands of viewers—perhaps 10% of them will appreciate your content enough to consider purchasing something with your logo or design.

Because, regardless of your field, your personal brand should reflect your true personality.

People who aren't in the marketing field might not have noticed the countless thought processes they undergo during their daily activities.

For instance, when you're at the grocery store and you choose between two different olive oil brands or your favorite energy drink among hundreds of brands on the same aisle, have you ever thought about why you're making that particular purchase? The answer is trust.

The specific psychological process doesn't matter as much as the trust you place in a product—more precisely, a brand—in which you have confidence and that you want to be associated with by owning and consuming it.

This straightforward concept, banal as it may sound, applies to everything you encounter online today. Whether it's a business or an individual addressing you, the principle holds. As you continue to watch and listen to someone because you're interested in their topic, you become part of their audience.

Before you know it, you might find yourself on Amazon with their recommended products in your cart, ready to be shipped to your doorstep.

How powerful is that?

As a digital marketer and owner of a social media marketing agency with years of experience, I am well aware of the power of branding and how it can influence a potential customer's decision (online call to action) and evoke an emotion that leads to a practical decision—to purchase something that represents value for both parties in the transaction.

Ultimately, our capitalist society revolves around sales, with marketing lying behind those sales, and at the core of marketing is a brand—an identity. This seemingly small point is actually the essence of everything. It signifies effective communication with people, with fellow humans.

The reason one brand outsells another is due to its superior communication.

It's as simple as that.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a high-quality product, although that's a good starting point; however, it means little without robust communication efforts on the side—good marketing.

If you're skeptical of what I'm saying, here's the easiest example from a typical marketing class:


They offer lower quality food, yet they are among the top 3 most trusted and recognized brands globally, according to Forbes and numerous studies spanning decades.

Once again, it's all about the brand.

In 2023, we've introduced a new concept of the brand—adding "personal," making it more individualistic than ever in history.


Thanks to technology, you can now shoot 4K videos with your iPhone without needing to learn about videography. On Amazon, there's an array of tools to set up a filming location without requiring a hefty budget; you could likely put together a YouTube studio for under $100 using basic tools and just your iPhone.

The tone and channels you choose to communicate through are entirely up to you. How amazing is that?

I hope this article proves useful to you if you stumbled upon it randomly on Google. If you're curious, feel free to check out our Instagram profile and what we do at Duo Vision Lab, as we work towards making marketing accessible to everyone—empowering you to be the owner of your brand.


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